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Anonymous asked:

Wow you and your family are absolutely beautiful! (I know your little baby is too!) I don't but any time I go onto your blog I get such great vibes... it's very peaceful haha! I hope your day is going great, sending you and your family good vibes :) namaste

I am happy to hear my blog feels peaceful to you, it does to me too :) It is my little nook of good things. I sometimes scroll though it myself, I love seeing photo’s of my little ones that I had forgotten about. Makes me happy ♥


White people be wild as fuck

Seriously? You post this horrid comment on a photo of my two year old daughter who just happens to be part African. I took a look at your blog, just to get an idea of why you would have written this, to understand what it is you are trying to say exactly, and well, you come across as a very rude and ignorant person. I had wanted to ignore your comment, perhaps if it had not been posted on a photo of my daughter I would have.

I captured a moment of innocence and wonder as my daughter sat happily in a pool of water, why on earth does racism need to be brought into it?!

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