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earthbelow-skyabove-firewithin asked:

I just want to say that all of your children and your entire family is so beautiful. You inspire me and so many others. When did your beautiful Indi stop breastfeeding? Do your children self-wean and when did you introduce them to solid foods? I was also wondering if you use cloth diapers and what kind you use. Your blog truly inspires me to be educated about all the choices I make for my future children. Thank you for sharing your experiences and story.

Thank you lovely :) Indi was three and a half when he chose to stop breastfeeding. Both Indi and Tealah were a little over 6 months when they first tried solid food. Indi’s first food was a slice of apple and Tealah’s was a home grown banana. I used cloth 100% for Indi, I made fitted hemp fleece nappies for him. Tealah was a mix of cloth and compostable disposables. Saphira has been in compostable disposables and will use Tealahs old cloth ones when she is big enough. They are pocket style nappies and we have some Eenees too. 


Anonymous asked:

What is a typical day in your life like? As in when you wake up, what do you eat for breakfast and by the time you are going to sleep?

A typical day… well, at the moment it is a circus! My husband is up early and spends a lot of time in the garden with Indi and Tealah while I cut/sew/dye and crochet between breastfeeding and comforting Saphira. House work is mixed in while carrying Saphira in a wrap. Breakfast for me these days is wheet-bix! We stay up late, time alone is precious. We have started stretching before bed which is a nice way to end the day :)

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