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This shot was not taken to be flattering. It is just me, plain. No curls or dreads to hide or distract from the details of my face, those details which I have never felt truly comfortable with.

I can see the fine lines on my cheek which are more bold when I smile. My big goofy ears and large nose… 

I needed to post this image to be free from hiding these things.

I feel self concious about sharing this, even when I walked out to see my husband I felt very aware and somewhat awkward. My curls soften my face,  they make me look younger. 

But I have wear and tear, and that’s ok. 

So here is to ageing gracefully. To embracing the lines and stretched bits, the bits we wish were smaller or perhaps bigger… the bits that did not “bounce back” and will never look as they once did.

Its all ok ♥

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